Traditional and Character housing in Brisbane

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This course requires base-level knowledge of planning legislation in Queensland but will still take you through the basics as a refresher. If you’re not a practicing planner, we would recommend doing our Development Assessment course before starting this one.2-3 hours. Completely online, start or stop any time you want and pick up where you left off.Access to the internet. Multiple tabs will be required whilst completing this course

Course summary:

Since City Plan 2000, Brisbane City Council have incorporated an element of their planning schemes to protect and control the redevelopment of Traditional and Character areas throughout the city. These provisions can be fairly complicated and require a comprehensive knowledge of the history of Brisbane and its housing. This course aims to arm you with the knowledge to identify a character house, age it accurately using all methods available, identify what is and is not assessable, how to comply with the relevant assessment benchmarks and how to pull that all together to be able to gain an approval from Council for your proposed works.

The Traditional and Character Housing in Brisbane course is broken down into ‘Lessons’ which include a number of ‘Topics’. Some lessons ends with an exam that applies the information you have just learned to real-life circumstances.

This course is interactive and at times you will be required to have multiple windows open. We recommend completing it with a computer so you can navigate between the course and other websites.

Who wrote this course?

This course is co-presented by Steffan Town Planning and written by their Director Alexander Steffan, and Assistant Town Planner Archie Butler. Alex has been working on character housing projects since 2005 and has gained approval for over 2000 development applications throughout that time. He has worked on a range of developments from single carports right through to high-rise apartment developments, high-yielding subdivisions, and industrial/commercial uses. With a team of town planners based in East Brisbane, there almost isn’t a town planning issue that Alex or one of his team hasn’t encountered before.

To start this course, scroll down and click ‘Course introduction’ to start your first lesson.