Town Planning 101 (Qld)

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Pre-requisite knowledge:Timeframe to complete:Required materials:
This course does not require any pre-existing knowledge of planning or property development. it will provide guidance for a complete beginner and also sharpen the knowledge of someone more experienced.~15 minutesAccess to the internet.

Course summary:

URPECs ‘Town planning 101 (Qld)’ course provides you with a good overview of town planning and the development assessment process in Queensland. This course is essential for anyone wanting to get into town planning or property development, or for someone looking to undertake a town planning application (either by themselves or with a town planning consultant).

This short course is only ~15min long and is broken down into 8 small topics to get you quickly across the development application process.

What you will learn:

  • What is town planning and why should you care?
  • What is development assessment?
  • What kinds of permits are there? Development Permit, Preliminary approval etc.
  • What is a Material Change of use, Building Works, Op Works etc.
  • What is Code, Impact, Accepted and what do they mean in terms of assessment process?
  • What is the team structure in Council and what happens behind the closed doors when your application is being assessed?
  • What is the development application process and what are the key timeframes and deadlines?
  • Need to change an approval? What are your options and what is the process.

Who wrote this course?

This course was written by our founder Alexander Steffan who has >15 years of experience as a private consultant development assessment planner in Queensland.

To start this course, scroll down and click the first ‘Lesson’ below.