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This course does not require any pre-existing knowledge of planning or property development. It will provide guidance for a complete beginner and also sharpen the knowledge of someone more experienced.2-3 hours. Completely online, start or stop anytime you want and pick up where you left off.Access to the internet. Multiple tabs will be required whilst completing this course.

Course summary:

The process of finding a suitable property for development can be extremely complicated. The smallest things can significantly affect the ability for you to achieve what you want. Whether you’re wanting to subdivide, develop townhouses, or just build your dream home, this course will arm you with the information you need to make informed town planning decisions.

This Site Finding Course has been created in collaboration with Steffan Town Planning who are experts in town planning and development consulting. URPEC’s Site Finding Course offers real-world knowledge that textbooks simply cannot provide, giving you the skills to apply your learning in an everyday site-finding context.

Course value and inclusions

You’ll get $2900 worth of advice for just $350:

  • A copy of the ‘Town planners dictionary’;
  • ‘Cheat sheet’ style lessons for the following developments:
    • Dual Occupancy & Auxiliary Units(normally $600)
    • Multiple Dwelling (normally $600)
    • Rooming Accommodation (normally $600)
    • Reconfiguration of a Lot (normally $600)
  • A ‘Site Finding Check sheet’ that every developer needs to have when looking at a development site in Logan City Council. 

Understanding key planning issues associated with a potential site will save you hundreds of dollars in town planning fees. Having the ability to identify site issues and troublesome sites on your own will save you endless calls and invoices from your town planner. Use your town planner as a final checkpoint of your refined potential sites rather than a starting point.

This course is broken down into ‘Lessons’ and ‘Topics’. Each lesson ends with an exam for you to apply the course information in a real-world context.

This course is very interactive and at times you will be required to have multiple windows open. We recommend completing it with a computer so you can navigate between the course and other websites.

Who wrote this course?

This course has been created in collaboration with Steffan Town Planning and was written by Director – Alexander Steffan.

Alex has been a town planner and development consultant since 2005 and over the years has gained approval for over 2000 developments. Alex has worked on a range of developments from single carports right through to high-rise apartments, high-yielding subdivisions, and industrial/commercial uses. With a team of seven town planners based in East Brisbane, there is almost no town planning scenario that Alex or one of his team hasn’t encountered before.

To start this course, scroll down and click ‘Course introduction to start your first lesson.